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Surface 2 8.1 RTM with Oct 2014 Drivers & Updates

Pete The Penguin

New member
Nov 1, 2013
Re: Surface 2 USB Recovery with the latest Drivers & Updates

I created and tested a USB recovery for the Surface 2 using the 8.1 RT RMT ISO with the latest drivers as of Oct 15th, and I also integrated 146 updates into it (all but office 2013).. This makes you have to download and install ALOT less updates (I only had 32! ) after a reinstall, and only 1 reboot is required.

Download HERE (OneDrive)

Extract the zip file and copy/move the files to a 8GB USB flash drive formatted as FAT32, boot from the USB drive. Install like any other Windows. Note:It will not create a recovery partition.

Thanks to moderate over at MDL for the help.
For info on how I did this, head over and check out his post
[Repository:] Everything about Windows RT (WOA) v8-x-x and v10 ARM


Will this work on the Lumia 2520?

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