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Surface 3 battery swelling - to replace or not to replace

Chintan Gohel

New member
May 23, 2014
Hey guys,

I've been using a Surface 3 since 2015 and recently I've noticed that the device has a bulge. Checking online leads me to believe that the battery is swelling due to age and long term use

Does it make sense to order for a new battery and replace it? Or should I just switch it off permanently and look for a new device?

I've got a custom built PC so I can use that - though of course there's no portability

Getting a replacement battery would take a month or so since I'll need to ship it from USA to my country - replacing is another story since I'll have to find someone locally to do it

Would spending about 100 USD total lead to a few more years with the surface 3 or it's not worth it?

Thank you
Jun 9, 2021
Yes now its battery needs to be changed. If your Surface 3 working and performing fine except the battery issue then change its battery but if you think there are other more issues other then the battery then its ok to switch it off.

So if your system is fine except its battery then spend on it keep using it for few more years...

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