Surface Book Issues!! Anyone else still getting these bugs..


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Jun 7, 2017
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Hey Everyone,

I love my surface book (for the most part), but some bugs I have always had have recently been joined by a few others and it's getting very frustrating.

Current setup: Windows surface book with surface dock (with two external monitors).

Does anyone else have these issues?

* Two months ago my fan made a horrendous noise (grinding then jammed), so much so I got a replacement order set up, but they could only provide me with a replacement if I sent this in first, and since I am writing a PhD thesis, I cant afford the 2 weeks they stated without this. The issues seemed to resolve itself, so I left it (if it returns, I have another 5 months left on warranty which is also after my thesis submission date).

* The surface book does NOT like being disconnected from the base while connected to the dock, if its "projecting" to the other screens when I disconnect, 100% of the time the clipboard simply remains black. When I change "projection" to single display only, about 60% of the time, I also get a black screen that requires restart.

* About 3 times a day, my keyboard simply stops working (except the backlight buttons), it requires a full restart for the clipboard to detect it again.

* Similarly, my external mouse also stops working at times (Wired, not bluetooth).

* Three times now in as many weeks, the wallpaper has simply went black, and stayed black until I reset it to something new.

There are more smaller issues that are just inconvenient, but these are stopping me from working and it's extremely annoying. I am just curious am I in fact using a subpar machine, or is this what everyone is experiencing? It makes me miss my macbook air!

Thanks in advance :)

Zachary Boddy

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Aug 3, 2014
There have been a few quirks and bugs with the Surface line, but Microsoft is constantly working to fix these bugs and deliver a better experience with every update. Make sure you're running the latest firmware and OS version, and if you are, I believe these numerous and consistent bugs are due to hardware. There could be an issue with the fulcrum hinge connection that is causing these issues, as at this point in time most of these bugs should be nonexistent. I would try and get a replacement if at all possible.

Surface Booker

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Jul 11, 2017
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I just started having these problems. Unplugging then plugging back in the Surface Dock wakes the Surface Base back up for me. I hope that works for you. Best of luck.

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