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Surface Pro 4 - i5 vs i7 Battery Life


New member
Mar 10, 2016
Hi all,
I?m looking to purchase a Surface Pro 4 for work, but have a question for people who may have more experience with it.

I?ve decided to go with 16GB RAM, 512 GB HD.
My undecided is on the CPU, and how it affects battery life, which is my priority.

I?ve been reading a couple of articles that say, with everything else being equal, the i5 has up to an hour better battery life than the i7.
The links I found are below.

My question is, if anyone can answer, is the i5 really that much more power efficient?
Will I have better battery life on the i5 than the i7?



New member
May 25, 2011
Difficult as there's lots to consider.

-The i7 will hold value for longer
-The i7 has the iris 540
-The i7 has a lower base clock speed (2.2GHz compared to 2.4GHz)
-The i7 should complete taks faster thus returning to idle faster

Basically, if you want improved battery life, you'd free the constrained power settings using the reg addition and create custom power profiles. 1 for docked at full speed, one for max battery etc.

Either way if you have the cash I'd always buy the i7. Others might not agree.