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Aug 13, 2013
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So I was playing with a Surface Pro/Pro 2 Docking Station, connected a USB extension cord, to the Surface Dock, connected the other end to the Surface RT 64G, guess what it worked...

Had to setup the Ethernet Device to a realtek USB FE as Microsoft does not have the Surface Ethernet Adapter device drivers as part of Windows 8.1, but was a minor modification...

The Surface Dock is a powered USB HUB, so, I had the Ethernet Adapter (FYI when connected via a network drop, the Wi-Fi also turns off, if you unplug the network drop Wi-Fi re-enables), a USB DVD drive, a USB mouse, and a USB 3.0 WD My Passport drive attached (although the Surface RT is USB 2.0), it still worked, I do not think I will get beyond USB 2.0 speeds, but this was cool nonetheless...

Do not have a Surface 2 so I could not test, but I would assume the Surface 2 (which has a USB 3.0), might be able to use the full USB 3.0...

Of course the sound automatically went thru to the Surface Dock (it auto shuts off the Surface RT speakers, even if you do not have speakers connected, weird for a few seconds while the Surface Dock becomes ready both internal and external speakers are active, but then the internal mute, if you right click the volume icon in the taskbar you can select the Volume control options and you can select to have both internal/external speakers). This is cool... I did not test the MIC but I assume it would also function. Now of course the Display Port does not work as that is Port Replicated not part of the USB HUB.

Just thought I would let others know, if one has a Surface Pro/Pro 2 Dock (mine is model 1617, lot no: 1410), it also works (with a USB extension cord) with a Surface RT 64G (mine is model 1516, lot no: 1308)... (YMMV)
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