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Surfacebook Wifi issues - a thing of the past?


New member
Apr 6, 2014
I may hit the Microsoft store later today and check out the SurfaceBook, but one thing that bugged me with my SP3 was wifi issues.

I was recently in New Hampshire at a resort and after the first day where I successfully connected to the wifi (wasn't public but the front desk provided the password), I was unable to connect until nearly the last day. No matter what I tried, the SP3 just couldn't fully connect. It would get on the wifi, but it would always show that I had no internet. I knew the problem wasn't on the wifi end because I brought my MacBook Pro and that connected easily, to the degree, I was questioning whether the SurfaceBook was a good purchase. My phones also connected to wifi, the only issue was the Surface Pro 3. Btw, this wasn't the first time I seemingly incurred wifi issues with the SP3, so that was one reason why I brought along another laptop (the other reason was to let me kids use a computer while I worked )

Now back to the SB, I'm rather hesitant to spending 1,500 and incur wifi issues, especially since this computer is for travel.

Any thoughts, advice on the SurfaceBook regarding Wifi

Chintan Gohel

May 23, 2014
wifi issues were/are common for the 3rd gen devices like the surface 3 or sp3. from the forums, the wifi issues don't seem to be affecting the 4th gen devices and the SB. It's not that widespread as far as I can see