Sync Facebook friends with People Hub but only for contacts already on device?


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Jan 23, 2014
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Is this possible? My scenario is basically this.

The company I work for have supplied us with Lumia 625's. I use an Android personally and when installing the Facebook app you can choose to only sync Facebook friends that match contacts on your phone / Google account and not add all your Facebook friends to your contacts.

When adding my Facebook account to my 625 it doesn't give that option. I don't want other friends on my business phone, only colleagues.

I can filter out Facebook from displaying in People Hub but they will still appear in say, searching contacts.

I created a Microsoft Account and added only my work colleagues to the People Hub online so that only they display on the 625. Is there an app for Windows desktop or mobile that will fetch Facebook profile photos for the contacts only in my MS account?

What happens on some devices I've used in the past is when you sync, the photos remain associated with the contact even if you break the link. I need something like this. I don't need to have the latest photo of my colleague as he changes it on Facebook. I just need one static one pulled from Facebook so a) the live tile has some character and b) it helps when browsing contacts.

Cheers for your help

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Apr 3, 2012
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I doubt that is possible the way you want. You can save their photo and assign it to your Hotmail contact info i.e. your phone contact and even after unlinking FB, it will stay there forever.

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