Sync With Multiple Computers?


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Oct 31, 2010
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Hello everyone! I'm picking up my focus on friday but my personal computer is down at the moment and will have to sync music with the "family" computer for the time being. Does anyone know if it is possible to sync with multiple computers without having to erase everything each time? I'm coming from an iphone and this is not possible so thats why I ask.


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Nov 9, 2010
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I havent tried it yet, but I would suggest you go into your ZUNE app and go to Settings/Phone/Sync Options and set everything to manual first.

Just in case


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Nov 1, 2010
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I'm not quite sure of the question but I can answer some questions about more than one computer and zune pass.
I have 2 computers, my home and my work, you can have zune on up to 3 pc's so I'm using 2
I installed zune on my home computer, coppied all my music and pics and vidoes on my computer and my music in my music folder, downloaded all my zune content DRM music that I wanted and synced with my phone, I have also installed windows live 2011 with live mesh that will sync folders between computers, on both computers or more, I selected to sync my my music folder with my work computer, all the files copied and then I installed my zune software on the work computer, now zune sees all the music and puts it in my collection so if I'm at work or at home and download music using zune software I will have the same music collection on both computers ... sweet..... as for the phone I only sync with my home PC so at night when I plugin to power my music syncs with the phone because the 2 computers are syncing Right ... now you can also do the same for your video and pictures folders but I don't sync them with my work computer only my wifes laptop because she had pictures all over the place and until I installed live mesh now anytime she plugs in her camera to her laptop the pictures apear on my desktop at home! Live MESH is AWSOME for handling backups and data syncing..
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