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Aug 6, 2017
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Few months ago I noticed that from time to time my taskbar icons blink. It's like refreshing. This happens at random times, when I surf web or browse files. It's just quickly blinks. Often during the blink there is also spinning mouse circle appears for a 1 second. This happens once in 5-10 minutes. Not much, but still, annoying and most important, very distracting when you see them blinking. This is the example of the blinking: https://i.stack.imgur.com/MiDti.gif As I said, blinking is not happening every second like in gif, but something like once in 5 minutes. There is also the same blink when you delete files or emptying recycle bin.

I did a fresh reinstall of Windows and drivers and the issue is still there.
I tried my old video card (GTX 1070) to make sure it's not a video card issue - and the blinking is still there (current card is GTX 1080 Ti).
Tried Safe Mode with networking and noticed blinking too.
Tried many different settings I found on internet, but none worked.

Any ideas how to fix it? PC is working very well, it's just that taskbar icons blink every 5 minutes when you surf web, or files in pc... very distracting... I have several PCs with Windows 10, none have this blinking.
I also noticed that during the blink Windows Explorer usage increases to 0,1-0,2%. There are no programs which uses lots of CPU. All usage is normal.

I already asked about this issue in maybe 10 forums, but no one knows anything about it.

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Jul 2, 2018
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I have the exact same issue and it drives my OCD insane. I have searched and searched to no avail. It has been reported time and again on Microsoft’s page and sadly the generic responses by their mods couldn’t be more pathetic. It’s as if when you ask a question over there they throw up a bunched of canned responses and don’t even really consider the issue. For no apparent reason at all the Windows 10 taskbar icons just blink/refresh randomly and periodically. Do Microsoft not see this GUI eyesore? Are other users so oblivious that they don’t see it either? If you do a Google search you will find that this has been being asked about for many years. How long does it take to fix an issue with Windows? How many years? What does it take to get Microsoft’s attention?

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