The Farce of the Nokia Lumia 920 in the UK


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Mar 30, 2011
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I got my yellow 920 on Friday - I am LOVING it. Soooo much faster than my Omnia 7, however I am keeping an eye on the battery life (I just drained 15% in an hour) and it doesn't even have a sim card in it yet (no activated...grr)

Reading all of the battery threads, and there are sooo many 'theories' :p


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Oct 29, 2012
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I picked up a Yellow 920 from P4U sim-free yesterday, and loving it so far! Drained the battery last night (Skype calls seem to be quite useful for that!) and recharged it overnight. Went out for a 3 hour bike ride this morning, tracking it using MapMyRide, been out and about doing some browsing. Battery is still at 54%, which is *way* better than my last phone. It's also survived being knocked off a table onto a hard floor by my daughter, completely unscathed.

I'm liking Windows Phone 8 so far, though it's quite a jump from Android, I have to say! I think I'm missing Swiftkey the most, the Windows keyboard is nowhere near as good, and I've not found an adequate replacement for TweetDeck yet. Lack of permanent notifications are also taking some getting used to, but I suppose Live Tiles are the replacements for that.

But the OS is very slick, and having recently got a Surface and new laptop with Win 8 on it, I'm really liking all three of my machines having similar OSes, you can really see the three screens concept working.

Anyway, so far, so good. Waiting for the local EE store to get a white one in, as my wife fancies one too, though as she's going from a Sony experia Mini, she's going to have some adjusting to do!

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