The Outlook email client on my Windows 10 phone will not send messages.

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The Outlook email client on my Windows 10 phone will not send messages. I have confirmed my SMTP settings. I have deleted the accounts and set them up again from scratch. I can receive but not send. Windows sweetly puts the unsent stuff in the drafts folders where they do me no good at all.

When it does that, I get messages about confirming the email addresses and not sending overly large attachments. The addresses are good. There are no attachments in my "This is a test" messages.

I'd be happy to switch to another client but there seem to be none available. I use Thunderbird on my desktop, Amazon's email client on my Kindle Fire, and I used both the Android basic email client and Google's Android mail client (I don't use gmail addresses however) successfully. I don't use, live,com,,, addresses either. Yes, I know I'm a dirty SOB for not falling into line, but I've used my account for years for my personal stuff and for my business stuff I host my own through a LeaseWeb account.

I received my Windows phone from my son when he switched to iPhone. I thanked him profusely. Now I'm thinking about going back to the highly cooperative Android world. In the meantime, I'd like to be able to shoot a quick email reply now and then using my Windows phone.

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