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Three vexing issues: App location, OneDrive, Sound


New member
Jan 15, 2014
Interesting OS to say the least but I've run into three issues I consider pretty major running on my PC.

1. App Location
Under the "Storage" settings there is an option called "New apps will save to" that defaults to the C:\ drive, which is greyed out and cannot be changed. Nor is it possible to "Move" apps to another drive. Any fix fo this?

2. OneDrive
First I set up to use my Microsoft account, then I switched to a local account, before I changed my mind again and went back to using a Microsoft account. Only now, OneDrive seems to be broken. It won't sync files and on the taskbar icon its greyed out and reads as "Not Logged In" and I cannot find anywhere to log back in again. Is there a solution?

3. Sound
The most irritating issue of all. For some reason after I install the sound drivers for my Creative X-Fi Titanium PCI-E it works just fine.... until I reboot the system, then the sound permanently stops working. Oh everything shows up as working and all... only nothing comes out of the speakers or headphones.
I even tried manually selecting the driver in device manager, which worked.... until the next reboot.

Any suggestions to solve these issues would be great.

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