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Please keep in mind that if new threads are created related to these already-discussed issues, they will need to be closed or merged with the original threads. This will help us keep the forum neat and clean, so please​

More will be added to this sticky as our Touch Pro2 community grows, feel free to PM me with suggestions!!!

* Battery Poll: Plus a little information from me Here

* Read all our Touch Pro2 WMExperts Articles Here

* Sprint Touch Pro2 Users Guide Requires Adobe reader!

* is the touch pro 2 upgradeable to WinMo 6.5? discussion HERE

* Does your screen wiggle when closed? Take the Poll HERE

* Setting MP3s as ring tones...? Get answers HERE

* Music Player question...? Some suggestions HERE

* Hows your battery life "Dude, this battery life is atrocious!" some opinions posted HERE tell us your experience.

* Text/MMS sent notification! Are you sick of the text sent notification get some solutions HERE

* Post your today screen here show us what changes you have made HERE

* Phone/Dial Pad Screen Reverting to Start during call get some answers HERE

* Sprint new official Touch Pro 2 ROM 2.5 Tweaks thread get them tweaks HERE

* VZW ROM Upgrade MR2 (new as of 6/10) New Official ROM plus HERE

* Now that most of us are running WM 6.5 its time for some WM 6.5 Titanium Tweaks Get them HERE
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Feb 23, 2010
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Okay, Total noob here! I have been a BB user for several years and just got my first WM phone. I have the T-mobile HTC TouchPro 2. Love the phone but I can't quite wrap my feeble mind around it yet. Never done registry edits. Trying to figure out how to update the .NET compact framework so that I can run GPS weather radar. Can anyone help???

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