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UK Keyboard on 1520 RM-937 from Hong Kong


New member
Oct 9, 2013
Hi All

I got a yellow RM937 from Hong Kong to use in the UK. I have not flashed the UK firmware but have uninstalled various Chinese bits, got all the localisation settings done, and got it working fine on the O2 network.

The question I have is about the keyboard. On my 1020, the UK keyboard has a ".co.uk" key when typing in the address bar. That key has 4 other variants when I press and hold (.com, etc). On the 1520, this key does not include the .co.uk option, but has .com as default and three other options.

Does anyone know how to make the .co.uk option appear?

(Also on my 1020, I have the French keyboard and switching to that makes the key default to .fr, so I am thinking it is not in the country firmware.)


New member
Sep 30, 2012
Have you got the setting for language + region set to UK and if so then I'm not to sure what else can be done.