Unable to interact with display to end call or put in voicemail PIN

Matt Leib

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Jul 29, 2016
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Firmware 01078.00053.16236.35006, build 14393.5 has this issue where I'm unable to interact with the display when calling into voicemail and when ending a call. A couple frantic power button pushes while shaking the device will make it appear but, I'm not sure I want to hard reset days before official release or maybe I'll be stuck on this as it is supposedly the release build and incremental patches.

I have not been able to ever get visual voicemail working either on ATT. I did a hard reset about mid-June.


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Sep 2, 2013
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I'm the dead-last person to recommend it, but I think you're going to end up doing a hard-reset.
I've reset twice in W10m, once inadvertently (thought I was download the DTTW firmware, huge oops, embarrassment) , once because I really wanted the DTTW firmware, so I went WDRT.
I don't really feel like either of those did much for me, otherwise, maybe the first one improved my speed/response, slightly, that's debatable. I'm happily running the final RS1 build right now, no reset, no issues, of any real note. I had two that I posted a couple of days ago, but the .5 release appears to have fixed both, so far.

The one thing you might try (I don't know of any way to un-install/re-install or similarly "reset" the phone app, does anyone else?), is swapping the SIM into the other slot, booting up, letting it link up to LTE. Then, see if VVM or the other issue is fixed, and swap back, same deal.
I think this has a reasonable chance of "resetting" the phone app, or as close as you might get otherwise.

I take it you've already done a soft-reset? I doubt this will fix it, but it's maybe a 20-30 second deal...

Maybe someone knows how to de-install the app, so you can re-install via the store, without a (system-hard) reset?


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