USB Connection Tips (Omnia)


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Mar 16, 2008
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Here is what I learned today.

If you are trying to transfer large video files to Omnia, FIRST goto USB Connection Mode icon in Settings:Connections tab.
CHANGE from ActiveSync to Mass Storage. Now under My Computer, media card shows as a drive letter. EASY & FAST transfers to media card. If you attempt to transfer large files via ActiveSync, it takes FOREVER & may give error.

The Omnia WORKS with Rhapsody subscriptions!!! BUT, you need to reverse the above USB Connection Mode settings back to ActiveSync. The Omnia then shows up in Sources. If you leave it in Mass Storage, it freezes Rhapsody. I was able to easily drag & drop on to My Storage (after authorizing) w/o a problem.
This is extra gravy for me. I just turned in the Blackberry Storm for the Omnia. The Storm was very good but did not support some needed software I use daily. It did however, do Rhapsody great. The VZW website for Omnia does not even mention Rhapsody. BUT IT WORKS!!

If you transfer AVI or Divx video files at the usual 700MB -1.5GB sizes, they actually play BETTER than if you use converted MP4 size files. Also, because of the Omnia's screen shape, it plays larger for viewing than the Storm
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