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USB storage device not showing in boot menu. Please help


New member
Dec 7, 2017
My hard drive on my Dell laptop crashed and burned. It's not recoverable whatsoever.
I installed a new hard drive and I'm using a flash drive to reinstall Windows. My issue is when I go F12 to select Boot Device it's not there.
If I got to F2 setup it shows USB Storage Device and I set it as the First Boot Device then save and exit. Then when I Boot the laptop nothing happens. So I go back to F12 and the USB storage Device option still isn't there but it still appears in F2 setup.

How do I fix this? Also my laptop will not Boot into Command Prompt. So formatting the old way is not an option.

Akshay M

Jan 2, 2020
I would like to know have you used windows media creation tool for prep of your flash drive?

-Try using different USB ports on the system you're trying to get this working on, and also plug the flash drive in directly to the system's USB ports rather than through a hub if you're not doing that already.

- Try using a flash drive no larger than 32GB. The smaller the better as long as the flash drive is still large enough for the Windows 10 installation files. Sometimes older systems have trouble booting from high capacity flash drives.

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