Very unimpressed by iOS 8...

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Karthik Naik

Jan 17, 2014
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Lol what? The biggest thing that I hear people talking about is predictive text. PREDICTIVE TEXT. My 3 year old Android had that. Its a solid update, no doubt, but nothing very impressive.

actually predictive text has been around since the era of symbian and was called T9 prediction
symbian even had speech recognition,a widget like home screen thingy,something like a notification centre on the home screen and when symbian s60 v5 came out it had swype
symbian was owned by nokia so technically ms is sorta original


May 12, 2014
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During the iOS 7 era I could see how the icons we're getting boring and people wanted something like "widgets" or "live tiles".

Now that Apple has finally delivered, with a host of other improvements like Apple Pay and continuity, the new Metal API and so on...I am really started to appreciate iOS as an OS again.

Being a power user I wouldn't consider it my first choice as an OS, but it'll now become a definite second place.

The widgets are way more functional IMO than live tiles, I was doubtful about Apple's implementation but I'm okay with it now.

Could iOS 8 be improved further? Yes, definitely there are things that Android and Windows Phone can do that iOS *NEEDS* as we'll.

But for the most part I'm okay with iOS 8, quite impressed actually.

Sanjay Chandra

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Mar 2, 2013
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people who talk about OS integration and making calls from your mac and iphone etc honestly seem very misinformed about MS
just fyi, windows 8.1 and wp8.1 are integrated in the same way and supports calls in the same way via bluetooth as well
heres a link to prove my point-
Windows Phone 8 - Bluetooth Pairing with Windows 8.1

its funny how apple "invents" everything and people believe them because they havent seen the same features on other platforms
even symbian and android support something like this

Continuity works for SMS , Phone calls, Apps resuming . Actually there is iMessage sync , facetime integration of phone number and email address in previous releases but they made it much more integrated now.

What you linked is a half-baked implementation which is done by every company these days.

Apple is never the first. Apple came very late to smartphone market and Tablet market. They succeeded because they nailed the implementation first time itself. Microsoft is still trying to get it right.

Implementation is important.

For example , Do you think Candy Crush has invented those mechanics of their game ? Bejeweled and other games existed long before but what Candy crush did was nail the implementation that it is driving millions of people to play that game.
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