Warning for Bee Mon: Inappropriate Language

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Jan 11, 2008
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User: Bee Mon
Infraction: Inappropriate Language
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Message to User:
Spelling things like this d*ck and pr*ck is against the forum rules. Stop it. We call this trying to bypass the curse filter. The curse filter is there to censor words we don't want to see on out forum. This is a family friendly forum we don't want that type of language here. Enough with the comparing dicks talk as well. Again this is a family friendly forum we don't do that here so top doing it please.

Original Post:
Frankly I would never encourage such Neanderthal behavior between friends and siblings. He likes his, you like yours. You should be both happy for each other that you have what you wanted. I don't see why it is so important to have to pull down your trousers and compare your d*ck size every time. If he is being a tw*t, it's just shows that he is actually jealous of what you have and have to compensate himself with unnecessary junk. Like needing to have a big car because he has a small pr*ck. But hey if you both feel the need to pump up your egos with your dicky phones then surely you can't lose because when it comes down to it, no one would give his junk a second look while I bet yours will be the topic of conversation every time you whip it out.

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