WE Need Help... Let's Get NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile Working on WinMO Smartphones/PPCs!


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Feb 23, 2008
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Note: this is double-posted to the Q9c forum at everythingq.com and sprintusers.com

Here's a cool and free java app for live audio (even car to crew!), timing and scoring, etc. which is free for supported devices (unfortunately the Q9c isn't one of them. presumably due to its lack of a built-in java midlet manager).


Would someone with a supported phone (most of the Sprint flip phones) try to get the .jar file so we can see if it'll run under Cloudyfa Esmertec Jbed? I tried to download it with my Q9c and my PC, but no go... You get a page with a link to install it by texting "NASCAR" to 7777.

Sprint's done a terrible job promoting something cool and free like this (what a big surprise!). I found it through a banner ad I only saw once on the jayski.com website. Big thanks to anyone who can help me get this working before the Daytona 500!

We have been able to extract the .jar file from a working phone but when we install it using jbed on the q9c it gives us errors. The file and errors can be seen here... http://www.sprintusers.com/forum/sho...=155914&page=3
If anyone can help, PLEASE let us know! This app will be sweet on the q9c!!!

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