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Apr 20, 2014
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I reinstalled Windows 10 on my PC this week to sort out an account issue, so as part of getting back to normal I have been going through various apps and settings to get back to how I like things.

I use Edge as my browser and I tend to have Bing as my start page, so anyway I am looking at Bing and clearing up the page and have a look at the menu's and I see Maps, I haven't bothered with this before as I tend to either use the Maps app, or Google maps.

Google maps was along with a legacy Gmail email address, my last links with Google.

So I clicked on the maps and it showed a normal street map, but on further investigation I saw Street view and at last my reason to use Google maps has gone.

But as a very welcome added bonus I found I could also go to Ordnance Survey maps. In the UK Ordnance Survey maps are the bible of maps, the whole country has been mapped for a couple of hundred years and they are super detailed in a way that a modern street map isn't, footpaths, country bridleways, super detail.

Not 100% sure who I am thanking here, MS, Edge, Bing or even Ordnance Survey, but whoever, well done, just made my Windows 10 experience a whole lot better :love:

Of course, you lot already knew about this, but what can I say, I am a bit slow on the uptake at times................
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