What do you think about my game called Paint Trek(Windows Phone)?

Koray Arar

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Oct 19, 2014
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Paint Trek is a shooter game where your goal is to shoot enemies and big hard bosses.Try escaping from enemies attack to survive as a classic style .There are 19 different types of enemies and 10 levels (one boss for each level) in the game.4 different diamond styles and 6 types of guns are available for using.Each diamond style gives you new abilites to handle your enemies(Items and Enemies are introduced at Extra Menu).Different soundtrack for each level ( You can play them in Music Menu ).The game comes with two different sceen sizes(Change it if you want from the Options Menu).This game looks like hard game at the beginning but if you keep playing you can handle this.If you call yourself as a hardcore gamer you can play easiliy.(Tip:You dont have to shoot all enemy that you see,sometimes dodging is the best solution)

Paint Trek | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)


Here is some gameplay videos :

Can you review this game?Your feedbacks are so important for next project.And also your supports(vote or commend on wp market) will encourage me to build better one.
Thanks,i hope you enjoy it.:smile:

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