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What Headset is Compatible for Lumia 950XL?

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I've been looking for a compatible headset with a remote control since I had my 950XL. I tried to use the original headset of my Samsung, the sound is great but the remote seems not functioning correctly or compatibly. I keep checking the WH-610 by Coloud in Microsoft but there's nowhere to buy it. I have a Bluetooth headset seems doing ok with the controls but I'm not really satisfied with the sounds plus everytime I connect it to my Lumia, I always have to open the Groove and press play. It's sometimes annoying. Is there any Bluetooth or a Cabled that when it's connect, just press play on the remote and you're good to go? Thanks in advance...


New member
Jul 17, 2014
Nokia BH-111 the supplied headphones are pretty good and the remote works with 950XL