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What is (or was) your final Windows Phone?

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Dec 17, 2013

The last Windows Phone I used was the HP Elite x3, a phone I initially loved, but came to loathe.
Windows 10 Mobile is nearing the official end of its life, with support slated to end pretty soon. Unofficially, it has been in an undead, zombie-like state, with residual app support from the occasional UWP update, from the remaining devs still passionate about the platform and its users.
I was clearing out some closets today and came upon my old HP Elite x3, which was the last Windows-based phone I used before fleeing for the green pastures of Android. I purchased the HP Elite x3, slightly begrudgingly, desperate to feel some form of life in the cold digital bones of this dying OS. Initially, I really enjoyed the HP Elite x3 (which is still semi-available, being sold at absurd prices on Amazon. Later, though, it was pretty much the reason I left Windows 10 Mobile for good.

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