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What is the best way to organize contacts and to add businesses to your contacts?


New member
Apr 3, 2014
One of the most important things to me in a smartphone/mobile OS is the way it handles contacts/people. I like to have my phone filled with as many people as possible with as much about them as I can have. Google and Microsoft seem to handle these really well (contact syncing is extremely useful) and I've been wondering how other people organize and create their contacts. Addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, social networks, etc. are all things I like to have in my contacts. I would like to be able to tag my contacts and keep them in groups to be able to easily sort through them when I need to (i.e. family, close friends, businesses, etc.), so any methods of doing this would be appreciated. The other question that I have is how do you guys add businesses to your devices? I like to have local businesses in my contacts, but seeing things like the post office mixed in with close friends is very jarring. Is there any way that you can keep these separate from your other contacts and keep all of your businesses together in one spot?