What is the top application for massive verified copies from one drive to another in Windows 10?

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Hi All,

I have a NAS from which I want to copy 6.3TB of data (to a standalone 8TB drive attached to my PC via USB 3).

I'd like to use an app that will automate the copy. I tell it to watch the source folder (on the NAS), and it compares it to the destination folder (on the 8TB external). It keeps checking until the two copies are identical.

I was introduced to TeraCopy, but I keep coming back to find it's stopped copying (either due to a read error, or a write error). A quick test using Explorer to copy those "problem" files had them copy with no problems.

I'm hoping for an app that will intelligently skip a file that might be problematic, and then come back to it and attempt to copy it again. Logs would be helpful in that case as well.

Can anyone offer any good suggestions? Commercialware is fine, though I'm not adverse to clever freeware :)



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