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What will you reconfigure once you get a Surface Laptop?

Ajibulu Femi

New member
Aug 7, 2014
One of the things I enjoy about some New PCs is the 'Signature Edition' Tag.
This special OS setting ensures you meet a fresh and mostly empty environment to work with.

Upgrade Office:
Surface Laptop Includes 1-year of Office 365 Personal. While this is cool, I will definitely remove it and install Office 16 which would be activated once from my account.
Apart from Office, there is no other non-system reported software that comes with it. I think that's good news.

Upgrade Windows 10
Surface Laptop ships with Windows 10 S which I think some people would love. However, I would strongly consider an immediate Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro Edition to unlock all features. The Pro environment is required as a software developer and it's the minimum Edition to suit my lifestyle.
Upgrading would enable me run non-Store apps. A free Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro will be made free until Dec 31, 2017.
Need to run desktop apps not available in the Windows Store? You can switch to Windows 10 Pro easily through the Windows Store.

Get a Surface Dial
Though the Surface Laptop is equipped with a pen, I would still so much love to pair it with a Dial to make access easier. The cheap price makes it more accessible and not a turn-down factor.

Depending on the variant (i5/i7 Intel | 256GB/512GB SSD | 4GB/8GB/16GB RAM) of Surface Laptop I purchase or Win, I would like accept the specs like that and check-out the performance while using it as a primary machine for my everyday personal tasks.

I love everything about the Surface Laptop and it's such a fantastic device.

Feel Free to drop your plans wrt reconfiguration of the Surface Laptop.
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Jeffery Holderness

New member
May 28, 2014
Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for me too. I can't believe anyone over 16 would actually want Windows 10 S. And the 16 year olds wouldn't want it either but their parent would want it on their machines. I personally don't see any benefit to windows 10 s. Surface dial would be cool to have but I'd probably buy a pen first.

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