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What's the difference between att & t-mobile htc one m8 window?

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If i pay full retail from Tmo it's 100 bucks less than ATT. I want a Silver phone but ATT doesn.t have one. BTW does Tmo have a easy unlock policy for full retail sales?


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Nov 12, 2012
T-Mo is not going to unlock it for you unless you are or were a customer of theirs for at least 6 months and are in good standing. Know someone who is a T-Mo customer? Have them request an unlock for you. They only get 2/year for each line so make sure not to burn up any unlock they might need or see if they already reached their limit.

At a guess, the T-Mo has an extra 1700 MHz frequency enabled on the 3G/H+ radio that won't hurt it on AT&T. Also different carrier Apps.

If you are interested in SoftCard and Tap-to-Pay at all; you need to have a device branded to the network you are using in order to enable that system. So a T-Mo One (M8) will never get Tap-to-Pay on AT&T.

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