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What's the future of Windows Media


New member
Jun 20, 2012
Hey Dan, I've been searching the tech community for more insight on what the future of Windows Media is in Windows 10 (and related platform devices) or even whether it has a future and does Microsoft still care and can we influence their direction?

For context, I use Groove almost exclusively as my media player of choice and stream my music from OneDrive across multiple devices. But for DVDs and Blurays, I use VLC, for pure streamed music, I use Amazon's music player.

But it got me thinking, what is Microsoft's future with media on Windows? We still have Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 10 and the hobbled Microsoft Groove but in the Store there's also 'Windows DVD Player' and 'Films and TV'. Why hasn't Microsoft yet simplified this mess into 1 player to rule them all? Even Winamp is trying to make a comeback - have you seen the UI?!! Seems we're being dragged back to 1990.