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When are you going to release service pack 1?

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I have uninstalled Windows 10 for a second time.

I had numerous issues with windows 10, here are the main issues:

1) Alt tabbing didn't work well with some software. The screen stayed blank for a long time (Often with ghost outlines of background apps) and the original primary app crashed. The desktop was unreachable and often the windows start button was unavailable afterwards.

2) Taskmanager was often unable to stop a selected process that win 7 was previously able to. Eg. DCS World, MSFlight X.

3) The windows start button menu was hard to navigate for anyone WITHOUT a touch screen. I personally will never use a touch screen because I dislike smears on my monitor.

4) The sound cut out on numerous software apps. DCS World and FSX again! I had been running both these programs for some time before switching to windows 10 without issue.


Dec 23, 2013
"When are you going to release service pack 1?"
This isn't Microsoft and is a forum for Windows enthusiasts.
I take it you are on the latest build and have installed the Windows 10 Nov update?
Perhaps because of your issues you should rollback to your previous OS (Win7) if possible.


Jan 6, 2014
Build 10586, TH2, is what in the past would have been called a "Service Pack"

You are already there (or were, before you threw a fit and went back).

It sounds like you have some driver issues. Probably with the video card and/or sound hardware. You did not mention what kind of computer and other hardware you have, how old it is, that sort of thing. Find out what you have and let us know. Also check the manufacturers' websites and see if they have newer drivers available that are compatible with Windows 10 or at least Windows 8.

If you provide some detail, people here can help you.