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When I edit a shortcut document will it save the same in the shortcut and the original file?

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Example I create a shortcut for File A with Document B inside on my desktop. When I go to edit Document B or even put another document in File A's shortcut, will it automatically change in the original file that is in the server? Or just the shortcut I made for it?


May 15, 2013
To answer your question yes.

Secondly not being pedantic it's best to clarify just so there aren't confusion going forward.

Document B is a file and the shortcut for what you called "File A" is actually a folder as it houses files like Document B.

The reason I say to avoid confusion is that you can actually create a hyperlink to any file (even a short cut) inside a word document for example.

Therefore in that context you are creating a link inside Document B for the Shorcut to File A.

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