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Which should I buy: Lumia 640 or Lumia 930?

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I'm developing UWP app and I need a phone to run it. I currently have Lumia 920, but it's rather old and it does not support new versions of Windows 10, so I decided to get a newer device. I'm planning to buy a used one - Lumia 640 or Lumia 930.

I al thought about lumia 550 or 650, but:
- I checked out L550 at the store - it's so laggy and slow, that I don't really want this device
- L650 seems to have worse specs than L640, so I don't really want it.

So, if some of you had experience with both L640 and L930 on Windows 10, it would be great if you shared your experience with these devices.

My app is heavily using bluetooth and it's used to display LOTS of data on graph, so I also need a good performance. Lumia 930 seems to have better specification (CPU, RAM) than L640, but it's a year older device, so I'm not sure if Microsoft still supports it well. I know that a good firmware can have a big impact on device's performance and Lumia 640 probably has newer firmware.

Last thing: when new version of Windows 10 is released, do both these devices receive it same day? Can a simlocked device get new OS versions as soon as they are released?

I would be very grateful to hear your opinions.


New member
Mar 26, 2015
Buy pre installed win10 phone . Imo , 640 xl or 640 is good one.