Why am I not able to accept GoToMeeting Invitations on WP 8.1?


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Oct 2, 2013
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Issues with Accepting GoToMeeting Invitation on WP 8.1

Is anyone else having any issues with accepting GoTo Meeting Invitations on WindowsPhone 8.1?

I am used to BlackBerry's seamless acceptance. "YES" to the Accept, and BBerry puts it in your calendar with Links to the GoTo Meeting website and all the phone-in data.

On my WindowsPhone Lumia 521 with 8.1 installed , AND the GoTo Meeting App, I accept, and get a warning, "No Email is associated with this invitation, PROCEED? ???? I say proceed, and it places the meeting in my calendar but STRIPS OUT ALL IMPORTANT DATA. No Links, No phone in numbers, No Nothing. Just "GotoMeeting at XX Day and XX Time". This is basically USELESS as you can't click on a link and engage the Goto Meeting App, nor can you call in or do anything because you have NO contact or meeting data. Once you ACCEPT the meeting, you also LOSE the original Invitation in your email list, so you can't even go back and copy/past if you wanted to copy the important call-in data. I suspect it is because I am used to Google Calendar, and now am using MS Calendar on WP, and somehow I do not have the calendar set up correctly. Yet, It appears to be linked to my MS Account when I use it online, thus I am at a loss.

I have ALL my emails set up in WP8. I don't understand the "No Email Associated" issue. Basically, without this critical issue working correctly, it is a useless phone for this VERY important part of my business day. I use GoToMeeting at least three times a week. Sometimes more often.

Any help here is appreciated.


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