Why am I unable to open .tif attached in email (WP 8.1)?

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Unable to open .tif attached in email (WP 8.1)

We get .tif files emailed to us for work and I need to be able to open them. The same file is emailed to both Android and iOS devices without an issue, so I'm pretty confident it's not the file.

The attachment displays an image icon with the file type and size below. If I click on the file it just says "Can't open attachment. Ooops! We're not sure what's wrong, but we can't open this file". If I click "Save all photos (1)" it says Saving/Saved along the top but then the file is nowhere to be found.

From what I've searched online the file should at least open in the standard photo viewer but it's like there's no file association when trying to open from an email attachment. I've also asked a colleague who has a WP 8.1 phone and they also get the same error.

If I transfer the same .tif file directly to the phone and use a TIF viewer there's no issue. Is there a way to associate the attachment with an app so that I can view the files?

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