Why are my calls breaking up/fading out on my Lumia 930?

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Lumia 930 voice call quality issues

I recently bought a Lumia 930. Everything works fine except when I make or receive calls. The other person tells me my voice keeps breaking up / fading out. It works fine on Bluetooth so cant be a SIM problem and the mic works fine if using video or Cortana.

I have seen similar threads to this in relation to the Lumia 920 but not the 930 and no real solutions / reasons.

Anyone have the same on the 930 and found a solution??

The phone is a HK variant but being used in the UK. I have done a soft / hard reset and used the Nokia software recovery tool all to no avail. The phone has just updated to Denim but again that has not made any difference.

Warranty is invalid as its been bought in HK and the seller (eglobal) cant be trusted with returns / repairs which I'm putting down to experience.

Any help would be appreciated.

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