Why do i get error message "Can't sign into Account right now" after signing in?


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May 19, 2017
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I've just recently powered up an old pc I've had in the closet after a couple parts replaced and am giving it to someone. I updated it to Windows 10 from 8.1 using ISO Flash Drive. I wiped everything and started over with a clean slate but used old Win 8.1 key code. Win 10 activated. Created new account under their email fine and verified email address with Windows Live fine. Got this message before and I had to verify email address and did so email was 'live' with windows and everything was good. Now next morning I sign on to go over system once again and I get to sign in on account login page and it says "Welcome" then "Preparing Windows". Then on desktop I get an error message saying "Can't sign into your account right now. All your files will not be able to be accessed until you sign in."

Why can't I sign in if my password was accepted and I verified my email address? I tried changing password, which I changed successfully, but got the same error message. What do I do?

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