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Why does airplane mode not turn off?


New member
Nov 17, 2015
My Lumia 1520(RM-937) does not turn off airplane mode. I was running the official release, not insider previews, of W10M. Earlier today, I set my phone to charge. After about 40 min, I noticed airplane mode was on. I had not turned it on, so I tried turning it off. The airplane mode and cellular data buttons in the action menu started flashing. It would not settle on either. After turning airplane mode on, they would stop flashing. I rebooted my phone but the problem persisted. Reinserting the SIM didn't help. Soft reset didn't help. Hard reset didn't help. Resetting the software via WDRT to 8.1 didn't help either. My phone is unusuable for it's main purpose. I can only use it with wifi. I have run out of ideas. Please help!