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Why don't more people use Xbox user voice site?


New member
May 4, 2018
I discovered Xbox uservoice while I was looking for some help related answers and was quite surprised of it's existence. It seems you can propose an idea, vote for it and have others vote for it as well. I imagine the ideas with the largest votes obviously get worked on first. Ideas that are taken become complete and closed. A few ideas that have been used include back compart and even game releases like the Witcher 2 , Red Dead and the COD series. I think many concerns can be voiced through this method, I also think it is more effective than making videos or raving on twitter since it tallies numbers that are presentable to a board or executive.
Below is a link to the site


VR Expert
Jul 3, 2009
Sounds like a GREAT service! Both Apple and Google have similar websites for this purpose, BUT not quite as elaborate and useful!


New member
May 4, 2018
Obvious choices for backwards compatibility are not “ideas being used”

They just changed over the site from a total anarchy to the opposite end where it’s a complete moderation lockdown.

Let’s sum up 95% od the posts made until a week ago (no order)

1- Xbox Live should be free,
2- I need unlimited home Xbox resets because I’m violating TOS and risking a ban by game sharing
3- various customer service tickets posted there instead of the forums (includes ban complaints)
4- complaining about games Microsoft has no control over
5- demanding more exclusives (includes demanding Sony produced PlayStation games, especially baseball)
6- insane rants by people who think watching s lot of YouTube makes them hardware experts, dictating how Microsoft should build the next Xbox with what a ou ts to a $3000PC, including demanding it be a PC, be upgradable, load windows on it etc etc. try searching for posts by a guy named WeaklySet if you want your mind blown

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