Why has my Nokia Lumia 920 screen gone blank with no sound?

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Why my Nokia Lumia 920 2 years old screen went blank no sounds too

My Nokia Lumiia 920 - 2 years old, I updated 8 to 8.1 and everything went wrong. First, sound went dead. Then, now the start screen does not open at all. Phone when started "Nokia" appears then Telstras "T" shows then Windows icon not opening at all.
Soft Reset and Hard Reset gave no result. For sometime, -:( showed. Next time gears showed for few minutes and disappeared. Then I tried battery fully discharged and then fresh charged nothing happened. Now when power button is pressed and held battery icon appears with red bar and plug symbol blinks. No progress in retrieval. How to solve this problem? Or is it VIRUS attack? Please answer. I am suffering for about 3 months with this problem.

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