Why is my BLU Win HD unable to move apps to SD card?

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BLU Win HD unable to move apps to SD card


I am unable to move any apps to the SD on a BLU Win HD. The phone has the latest updates and does give you the option under storage sense to move apps, but when selected to move, the apps do not move. It starts but stops right away.

Tried two different 32 GB microSD cards, both class 10 and ultra ScanDisk brands.

Also, if I set the phone to install apps by default to the SD card, it causes the Store downloads to stay at a pending state. Switching back to installing apps to the internal memory allows Store apps to download correctly.

Any ideas?

ken oey

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Dec 28, 2014
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Re: BLU Win HD unable to move apps to SD card

I totally have the same issue on my win hd phone with all the latest upates. I'm sure everyone with this phone has it too, if not please post solution. i also have a nokia 521 and i tried it there, it worked with the same sd card, reformatted in the new phone. So i know it's not an sd card issue. The nokia is able to save apps directly on the sd card, none of that pending mssg from the ms store. Nokia can also move apps from phone to sd card. This is a big deal because that win hd 8 gb stage fills up pretty quickly. So i tried contacting blu via contact support email from their website. Haven't heard anythingyet. But ithere are more others having this issue, please contact blu. It'll be a priority for blu.

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