Why is my [L928] camera horrible after 8.1 + Denim update?

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[L928] Camera Horrible after 8.1 + Denim update

Prior to the 8.1 + Denim update (bundled as a single update recently on Verizon) I could use my 928 to take photos very rapidly perhaps two frames a second. I could also count on those photos being perfectly in focus. I have a problem with terminology at this point because I don't remember the name of the app I used before the update (let alone the version number) AND I never quite understood the real difference between that and the "Nokia Camera" app that also came installed on my phone. I seem to recall having some type of 'default' camera app, the one associated with and launched by the camera button on the phone and I don't think that was the "Nokia Camera" which IIRC had more features. If I'm not confused, I never used the Nokia Camera app, instead preferring the "default" app.

Now, after the update, the camera app launched by the camera button has changed. Whichever app it is, it has many more features and settings than the pre-update "default' app. ALL of the settings are set to "auto" yet, it now takes 3-4 seconds for the camera to take a picture while the focus cross-hairs blink on the display and the camera struggles to focus. 70% of my images now come out blurry (unless I sit really still and have NO action in the shot)

I am fully aware that the 928 doesn't benefit from some of the new camera updates (as explained here: http://www.windowscentral.com/interview-microsoft-imaging-chief-about-lumia-denim ) due to it having an older chipset. I don't care anything for all the additional settings that now seem to be available I simply want my no hassle point and shoot functionality back.

Any ideas?

Than you in advance,



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Oct 9, 2012
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There should be two camera apps installed, one named 'Camera' and the other named 'Lumia Camera' or 'Nokia Camera'.

I would assume that your default camera app has changed to 'Lumia Camera' since you updated the phone.

To change the default camera back to the original 'Camera' app do the following:

Open 'Settings' (either from the apps list or from the notification centre).

Swipe across to the 'Applications' page.

Find 'photos+camera'.

In here you should find an option to switch the default camera app. Tap on the box and switch it to 'Microsoft Camera'.


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Oct 17, 2013
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Re: [L928] Camera Horrible after 8.1 + Denim update

^^^ What he said ! ^^^

The Lumia camera app is not for everyone, try the other app(s) or several lenses (Camera360 Sight, ProShot, etc.)available for FREE from the store.

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