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Why is my Lumia Icon Battery Draining at twice the normal rate?

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Lumia Icon Battery Draining at twice the normal rate

I bought a brand new Nokia Icon back in May with my contract upgrade. It would easily last all day even with heavy use - I would unplug it at 7 am and not return home until 9 or 10pm, would stream movies on it at the gym, browse various websites, etc., and still have plenty of battery life when I got home. I had email set to as-items-arrive, had brightness on auto, kept Wi-Fi and location on, etc., and I would still easily get 20-30 hours of battery life out of it.

I dropped it, it shattered, and I bought a used one off of Blinq. This phone is in very good condition - fewer scuffs and scratches than my old one, even - and it can't be more than 3 months older than my original Icon, as they have only been available since February. The battery on this Icon, however, even at full, fresh off of the charger, is only 10 hours according to battery saver. And if I do anything with it, it is much, MUCH less. Why is the battery on this phone draining so quickly and is there anything I can do about it? Why does it have so much less life even at full battery? Is getting the battery replaced a possibility and is it a cost-effective option? Please help, I want full functionality out of this phone, and as it stands I have to be tethered to an outlet if I want to do anything with it.


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Nov 17, 2014
Re: Lumia Icon Battery Draining at twice the normal rate

I apologize for the double-post, I got an error message the first time I submitted this and didn't think it went through. Please ignore this one.