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Why is my surface pro 2 blinking an orange amber light in the back??

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Hello there,

I was on Word 2013 writing my college paper, when all of a sudden my screen went black and didn't want to respond to anything. I left my tablet alone like that for probably 20 minutes or more. I then hit the power button and left it alone for another 15-20 minutes. I then hit the power button to see if it would turn back on. Nothing. I've gone through all the troubleshooting on google for my tablet to see if it would turn on and now I notice this blinking orange/amber light flickering on the back of my tablet.

Please, I need my tablet for my college work. It's the only computer I've got. Can you help me??


Dec 31, 2012
The internet suggests you should call Microsoft support and asks what it means. Sounds like a fault indicator.

Long press the power button for a minute. Then see if it powers on. If no difference, call Microsoft support.