Why is One drive missing from the task bar and isn't running?

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Hello! I can not see the OneDrive Icon in the taskbar tray. I've tried locating OneDrive.exe and double clicking it, reset it, and re-installed it, but nothing worked. When I go to the One drive folder(where things in the cloud are supposed to be synced), it is empty. I've never seen an login window or any sort of setup window for OneDrive pop neither. I use Windows 10. The Onedrive folder is not in the quick access bar of the file explorer, and for some odd reason, the %AppData%\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive\Update folder is gone(therefore commands targeting here all fails).

"OneDrive Troubleshooter for Windows 8.1"

troubleshooter and

"Fix OneDrive sync problems"

guide was previously suggested in the microsoft forum, but did me no good, as the troubleshooter was for windows 8.1(it failed to run), and I do not have an Icon on the taskbar to follow the guide.

I have installed the newest onedrive sync client installer, but although the program ran and progress bar filled up, nothing changed.

How can I make OneDrive work?


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Jul 14, 2008
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Try this: Find the ICON for OneDrive, right click on the icon, scroll down to MORE, select Pin to taskbar and see if that works.

If it does, you can move it around on the Task Bar and place it where you want.

Good luck.

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