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Why isn't Cortana talking to me?

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Cortana not talking to me!!!

Hi All,

4 Days ago, following, what I suspect was an overnight update, Cortana stopped talking to me. I cannot input voice commands and she doesn't say anything anymore, although this could be due to the fact I am typing the commands in.

I have, cleaned the mic with compressed air, cleared all my interests, logged into Bing and cleared my cache, turned location services off and on, turned Cortana off and on, rebooted phone, but still she isn't talking/listening to me

Anyone have a solution please? I am lost without the voice function.



Teo Bartulovic

New member
Mar 2, 2015
Re: Cortana not talking to me!!!

Hmmm, check region, speech pack and location services, if you have wrong region and/or wrong language pack it will stop respond for sure ...