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Why isn't Google making a Gmail app , hangout for Windows phone?


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Jun 1, 2015
why google is not making gmail app , hangout for windows phone ?

I Believe that Windows is one of the best OS in the world . No one can compare with windows ! Windows has some positive side for other OS like iOS, Android , BB . Windows always build up other OS's app . But why google not working fo windows app ? Can any one know anything ?
Thanks in Advanced . :):unhappysweat::amaze::evil::eck::eck::eck::eck::eck::eck:
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Nov 12, 2012
Windows Phone is a competitor to Android. It's market share is relatively small, so Google has an incentive to keep it that way, choosing to alienate it's users over giving Windows Phone one less issue.

It supports iOS because it can't afford to screw that many users.

Just Google continuing to backtrack on its openness, or just business.