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Why isn't my brightness automatic adjust & glance working anymore?


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Dec 23, 2014
Brightness Automatic Adjust & Glance not working anymore

/*sigh* opened two threads for the same issue, as I thought my first post wasnt picked up (couldnt see it directly after posting) seems this board needs some minutes to post a thread....SORRY for double posting!!!!! A mod please delete one thread or merge!

Hello everybody,

starting from yesterday night, my phone has developed some sort of "illness". Just before going to bed and charging my phone, Whatsapp stopped working, the tile was greyed out. Restarting the phone couldnt solve the issue, I had to reinstall the app. This solved the issue. So I went to bed and charged my phone. This morning I couldnt switch on the display with doubletap. Pushing several times the power button finally got the display working again. The Phone asked me, if I wanted to power down, so it seems the touch was still working while I was trying to get the display working. Scrolling through the setting I found out, that brightness setting was turned off and to low. (setting > brightness > automatically adjust (ON/OFF) > off) and I am not able to turn the auto back on. As soon I leave this setting it switched back to LOW. Just now, while at work I realized that Glance is not working as well. Actually there are no settings anymore....Has there been an update I am not aware of?

I am from Germany, but set up my Phone to English/US to have Cortana working.
Lumia920 CYAN, Dev Preview

While browsing around here, there are some people having the same issues, but none of them have solved it or I missed a thread containing a fixing answer. -.-

Please help!

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