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Why isn't my outlook app syncing on my Win 10 Lumia 640xl?

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outlook app is not synchronising in Win 10 Lumia 640xl

My outlook app is not synchronising my outlook account. Even after it says that your account has been set up, the app is not showing my outlook account, on the other hand my gmail account is shown in the app after it is set up. I am using Lumia 640X & windows 10. I have even updated the app.

Mad Cabbie

Retired Ambassador
Jun 9, 2015
Re: outlook app is not synchronising in Win 10 Lumia 640xl

Have you been into Outlook settings? 3 dots bottom right. When your accounts are shown, tap on the account you wish to check. Under the password box you will see some text. Tap on that and you will see various settings for your account. The top one allows you to change synch periods. When you have finished setting up, exit and click save at the bottom left of the screen.

As an afterthought, my synch goes mental some days then doesn't even get out of bed on others! Beware of the annoyingly persistent "Your xxxxxxxxx account settings are out of date". I've had that 3 times this week!!

I hope this helps


New member
Feb 7, 2016
This is a known bug, I had the same problem right after upgrading it to Windows 10 Mobile and a hard reset (no restore) solved the problem for me.

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