Why Microsoft Failed in Mobile from Developed and Developing Country Point of View


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Dec 14, 2018
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A. Developed Country
1. No WP 7 to WP 8 Upgrade
2. API change to much in short time.
3. App gap is too wide.
4. Internal politic in Microsoft.
5. Requires paid licenses for early version.
6. System requirement were too high for early version.
7. Certain low level access were denied in WM.

B. Developing Country

1. Too Much different

MySQL and SQL Server have SQL standard so 40-70% similarity in queries. Honda and Harley 70% same. You can sell completely new UI when you are the leader.

2. Mandatory Secure Boot

Windows's secure boot is optional, why Windows mobile is not? Why not enterprise only or release both.
AMD and Intel both sell processors with locked and unlocked multiplier.

3. Mandatory Metro/Modern UI
It's fine to force OEMs to use Metro but for users? You can install Cairo, Classic, or Start8 Shell on WIndows desktop. WM follow iOS and Android follow Windows. Ballmer laughed at iPhone but follow iPhone. Crazy isn't it?

4. Back Button on the Right, opposite of market leader Samsung.

Now most button are soft / digital so can be switchable. In the past however it's pain when use right hand and back button located on the left. Especially for tiny Asian's hand. Sony is from Asia and I don't understand why it make the button on the left.

5. Can't install on Android Phone
Microsoft should release WM to public back then.

6. Project Astoria is Dead
Customer who should declare is dead but MS is failed to see it. Even Ballmer support it.

7. Can't pirate app / too secure
Detailed explanation available in Quora link. https://www.quora.com/Why-did-Windows-Mobile-fail-in-the-market

Google, Epson, AMD, nVidia, Intel, Asus, etc benefited from pirated software. Guess who next? Microsoft. Productivity softwares are best to be pirated. Photoshop and Windows get cracked. It makes students, militaries, hospitals, police depts (no joke) and companies locked to them. Just let students and little people pirate and get money from their employer. Microsoft local do sell to them. it's just Microsoft USA who barking. And of course WM team located in USA will not understand.

Thanks for not suing. 30+ years in 30+ countries make contributions over 1 trillion USD. This makes Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation looks small.

USA citizen get 10-15 USD minimum wage. Most Asian only get 1-3 USD wage. So it's normal to pirate. Pirated Windows/Office killed most of Linux and LibreOffice. MS was trying too hard for WM but not Windows. Most User don't like DRM like that.

Remember Zune player? MS was too hard on Zune and should allow pirated content just like iPod.

Most users just switch brand without telling what's wrong.

Note on Hardware maker:
Don't believe Windows on Arm when you can't sell laptop with no OS. Never release it in Asia you will be disappointed until MS unlocked secure boot. And so other kind of hardware.

Microsoft should release WM with optional secure boot, modifiable GUI back then and less restriction. WoA should correct this. Smartphone is just very very personal computer.


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Feb 6, 2019
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3. This is why Windows 8 sucks. It resulted in the release of various programs that bringing back the Start menu to Windows 8. Steven Sinofsky got fired for Windows 8 UI. It forced Microsoft to bring back the Start menu in Windows 10.
7. Agree with you, also pirated software is most popular in Vietnam (most of Vietnamese people don't want to spend money to buy a software)

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