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why my icons are showing the old ones even if I change the default program?

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Hi this is the problem I am facing. I upgraded for windows 10 few months ago. The problem is when I set an app for default for a file the old icon is only showing. it never changes. For an example if I choose to set VLC media player as default for an Mp4 file which presently opened by windows movie player even if I change it to VLC it will again show the Windows movie app icon instead of VLC. This is a big problem for. I need response asap. The only solution I know is I need to restart explorer. But in windows 8.1 It was all Ok. I have rebuilt the icon cache also. It did not work. So I need a solution. THANKS

Chintan Gohel

May 23, 2014
try running disk cleanup and removing all thumbnails

restart doesn't work?

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